Sales, Representation and Company Establishment Consultancy in United States

Regarding the sale of your products in United States market, we accompany you in ali processes.

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Our services

1) Representative of your company in United States (Sales)

a) Market and competition research

b) Access to Sales and Marketing Toll

i. B2B Matching

c) Setup of Payment and Logistics Foundation

d) Export promotion strategy and planning

e) Sales support in the USA marketing

2) Company Establishment and Commercial Contracts in United States

a) Company in California

b) Company in Delaware

c) Company in New York

d) Company in Florida

e) Company in Texas

f) Other states

3) lndividual and Corporate Tax Consultancy

a) Tax Strategy and Planning

b) lndividual Tax Service

c) Corporate Tax Service

d) Estate and Trust Taxes in United States

4) lnheritance and Succession Law in United States

a) lnheritance Sharing

b) Succession Proceedings

i. Preparing a Will

ii. Receiving a Certificate of lnheritance