GBG has undertaken the mission of business developing and consultancy in international markets with its experience, qualified labour and existing foreign relations.

Our company introduces the products of many domestic and foreign manufacturers to world markets especially in the fields of construction materials, heavy machinery, mining, all foreign trade product groups for general use within the framework of foreign trade and consultancy.

We are representing the manufacturers from USA, Canada, Europe and Asia in Turkey and we market their products to various government associations and to private sector.

Our company which has a young and strong organizational structure has the capability to perform the projects in any volume and characteristic. We prioritize the quality, work ethics and reliability in all works conducted.

We are open to multidimensional cooperations for meeting the demands that are the results of current relations with established persons and companies via our dynamic formations we have in foreign markets.

Our company principle is to respond to customer demands with a better quality, more economically and faster than expected in every stage from the beginning to the end by adopting our works in foreign trade as a life style.